Where do Bloggers get their ideas to blog?

People Blog for various reasons, Some blog to market their product and service,some do it to connect with readers, some do it increase page rank and many write to just communicate. I do write for business but today I am going to tell you a different form of writing, one that feeds your soul and heart. And how many bloggers find ideas for them to write about.

People get ideas to write from many sources from their own daily life, things they see, read, see and feel daily things that are simple but often very profound and compelling to write on

Here are some of my sources that have given me inspiration to write about things that I strongly cared for.

  1. Watching TV, news or a movie. An Account with Netflix (see some good movies streamed on to your computer while you take breaks from work. I am a movie and documentaries buff)
  2. TED .com account and watch one video a day (20 minutes max) of some great minds spelling the need for a thought for the greater good. You will know how inspired you will be and the ideas you will get when you write a blog on anything. Highly recommended
  3. When my 11 year old comes up with a question that I have no answer for
  4. When my 3 year old comes up and does something so loving out of the blue that makes me think about what I can do best to make him feel good
  5. When I have a customer call and then sit back and think what went wrong or right in the call
  6. When I see myself in a low mood not able to concentrate and all negative thoughts come up
  7. When I have a great laugh

I can go on and on but the point is train your mind to see things that you would love to write about in a short time with less research.

Once you are trained that way you will always have a few sentences or opinion on anything and everything

A few things I wrote based on random life events are in my personal blog –
Why do people cheat? – I don’t know why I felt writing this, but I did
Is Anonymity on Internet important? – When I watched the TED Video by ichan founder “Moot”
Farmville for Prisoners – When I read some article on how games reduce crime
The Nib of my Pen – A poem when I felt I had nothing to write about
Fail – a 140 character tweet that I put as a post when I wanted a better explanation for my failures

The secret of great bloggers should be that they don’t put their pen down or always look for things to write about. Go check you daily schedules and you will always find something to write about. Don’t bother who reads, someone will and as you keep writing people start connecting with you and you will have a strong following.

Happy Blogging!!!