Godmen, Politicians and Cameras

Godmen who are suppose to be pious turn out to be frauds, Politicians who are expected to be honest turn out to be corrupt and the convenience of small video cameras are now exposing them both. Isn’t that interesting.

Recently a Godman in India was caught on Camera and seems to have resigned his post as head of his religious institution. More than the video of the said act, I enjoyed the various commentaries for and against the allegations and evidence

Personally I am not a religious person, that means I stay away at a distance from the Godman culture as well

But when the media goes frenzy with a news and video clips uploaded all over the internet, you can’t stop thinking why is this such a big issue. Is this the biggest thing that  should be of concern, or are these just some news to keep people talk about. Well with me it worked as I am spending time writing this.

Corrupt Politicians or UnGodly Godmen

My take is that a corrupt politician does more damage and that too to more innocent people than what a Godman can do.

Politicians in a democracy hold the responsibility for all the people they represent whether they voted for or against. And corruption by such an individual is a stab at the very concept of democracy. But we often see that once exposed they still carry on, their career never end and they never ever admit of any wrong doing. Over and above they still have a set of followers either corrupt or blind who talk on his/her behalf.

In turn Godmen, who have only cheated a set of followers of his by his ungodly acts is considered to be a bigger crook by many. Media runs after him, people take it to heart and accuse him. In short his career practically ends then and there; though exceptions can be found in cases where politics, God and power are all intertwined in one form

But for small and mid level Godmen its the end of the road. And I feel that is not fair.

If we consider that the Godman is first a man and next a Godman, and that he promotes the concepts of forgiveness as followers you should forgive him if you have learned anything at all from him. If what he does is not illegal he should have a fair chance

Devotees, Opponents Are you at Fault too?

The fieriness with which I saw some devotees write about how their beliefs have been shattered, made me think of what expectations they set for their Godman when they run to his feet for help. Do they elevate a common human being to the strata between God and man and expect him to discard his traits as a lesser being?

May be they do and if so shouldn’t they be at fault first

But Illegal activity should be tackled with an iron fist, Godman or Badman.

In this specific case I see all allegations of illegal activities are told after the alleged video becomes public. The video shows the guy or may be some guy like him (I can’t be sure) having some good time with a lady who also did not seem to be forced in anyway and moreover looked above the age of eighteen. Some say its an actress, but why should anyone bother.

I can understand the followers getting agitated as they have a reason as now when they look at the mirror they see total morons having followed this guy.

But whats wrong with the freaking media, and the opponents (non followers) who rise up on every such occasion as the only responsible creatures on planet and take the matter in their hands.

Media makes money, people have a good time and  many who rally behind the mob that throw stones at the Godman, would in a flick change their faces behind a more safer curtain.

Sex is a human need, wake up and realize that, the farther you are from being human the farther you are from your so called godliness.

As for many of these followers who feel lost might now abandon this Godman, but not realize their folly and still go on and follow a new Godman, life is not going to change a bit for them. They will still follow someone until they get exposed and the journey goes on.

In one way Godmen are not born, but made, by people who are blind. At least that should hold true for false Godmen (I don’t wish to generalize without knowing much about Godmen myself). But then when the Godman you made turns out to be as human as you, don’t act as if you have been deceived. You are responsible

And Non followers Shut up (that includes me) its not your battle, go play cricket, watch IPL, do anything, this religious group don’t need your commentary

Media, I personally don’t hate you, you are making a living, but its an idiotic way though

The Making of the False Godman – A Parody

Here is a creative way of how a new age Godman could be made. Read this as a parody as none of this is true to the best of my knowledge

A man, a crook I would say finds that he is not good with many things in life but discovers that he has the ability to identify weak minds. He creates a master plan and befriends a few other crooks of lesser strength and capacity to be partners in crime. They together launch a marketing campaign to identify and enroll weak minded people. They use the aura of religion as that claims the easiest way to identify preys.

As he gains popularity among the weaklings of the world whom he takes on psychic journeys often, he also stumbles upon a few strong minded individuals who now fall prey to a very well architected and marketed campaign.

More than the ideology or teachings as they are called these strong minded people are sucked into a larger than life image within which the teachings resemble some kind of profoundness. Thanks to the effective marketing.

It is more like how watching the same advertisement of a product day and night make you buy the product when you see it on the shelf. You have a need for a beauty product and you see the one from the ad on the shelf and you buy it. Its that simple.

You are strong minded but got caught, why? because you after all wanted to look pretty, the brand is what you got sucked into. Now you see the brand did not work as promised. But instead of discarding the need to be pretty once and for all, you buy another one.

You can’t blame the brand for not delivering as it was not quality, but advertisement that drove you to buy it in the first place. Now you would object and say that the advertisement was falsifying, and you might be right. But your quest to find a product that does exactly as it says in the advertisement is a futile search. Ad experts will tell you that advertisements are to show things as good they can really be even if that is slightly an offshoot of the reality.

You gave a common man the power to control you as you were blind in the pursuit of something that you really did not need

This could also be a way how these things work

Life as I see it

We are living in a maze where our judgement is constantly in need to move on in life, we can give way, but we need to stop and realize at all times if our judgement is right or wrong.

Go after the corrupt politician and leave the Godmen, if you don’t follow, the false ones will surely die by their own. But for the corrupt politicians they will continue whether your agree with them or not. As believers in a democratic system, you can destroy the platform that has given them the power to be powerful and its their responsibility to be beyond suspicion. A corrupt politician is a bigger danger than a Godmen who lost his godliness to simple human cravings.

A final note to Politicians and Godmen

Camera is your biggest enemy, its time you make it your friend. Allow a press camera into your life.

A Public life should be literally public, nothing to hide and no one to hide from. Instead of putting cameras on the streets to see how we people are living, give us a peek into yours and show that you live what you preach.

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