My comments on Adora Svitak’s post

I thought it was important that I write a response to a recent post of Adora Svitak’s post whats-with-countries-ending-in Tried posting in her blog, buts seems my comment was much larger than the post. Anyways here it is if it does not get posted there.

I landed on your site as I wanted my daughter to view your blog, I had seen your talk in a TED video. You have good language and excellent writing skills. I am not a judge on prodigy, was not one, nor I think my daughter is, but felt your blog would be a a great inspiration.

Somehow I browsed on this post and while I can push it aside thinking you are only twelve, I can’t stop thinking how all a 12 year old can be influenced. We have a lot of bad press on many places, yes there are problems but that is not all that once can see, there are children and adults with dreams and aspirations who call these places their home. They have history and culture and bright futures ahead of them. Your introductions state you are a humanitarian which is very honorable and I believe it is great for a girl your age to claim that and I applaud you for that.

But the connotation of poor/conflict-ridden and not wanting to travel was way way off the mark and I am telling you this as I would tell my 11 year old daughter. I hope you take it in the right sense.

Stan as many said here means land and India was known as Hindustan before people knew it as India and as an Indian citizen, I still call it that way, so is pakistan and afghanistan. If you put iran in the lot, you missed japan with a an. but thats OK, as all get the point made. Now when you look at Afghanistan, iran, or Pakistan or any of the countries you mentioned there, they are all part of great cultures and civilizations to which we as human beings will always be indebted to be it philosophy, art or literature.

There is tension now and I guess all agree that and as socially responsible individuals we all have a duty to connect with the reality.

Poor is not what you call a nation who is rich in culture. Economy is a devil that will hit anyone any time and it is time we should look beyond it.

Conflict-ridden, never should have been used for the more you use you only move far away from peace.

Not willing to travel, should not have been stated, as these are some of the most beautiful places in this world with some of the most welcoming people and I have been honored to be the guest of many around the world who have made these places their home.

Sorry if this comment upsets you, but you are not different from my daughter and when I see her write something that is not all that true, it is my duty I tell her and I feel here the same way.

Would love to see a response on this from your end some time, but otherwise also, you are doing a lot of good things and keep being an inspiration for young kids and research a bit before you delve into topics of these.

You are famous and that puts on you a strong responsibility and that means what you say sometimes people connect with the voice of many your age. I hope you understand…

But I will surely get my daughter to read your post and tell me what she feel about this

Cheers and wishing you all the best!

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  1. Nice one, marthyan.. and agree with most points. The problem is today’s media is uncontrollably influencing our perspectives of contemporary history and culture.

    Beautiful places, for sure..

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

    With Best Regards,

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