Foot Prints of Life

Today I took a journey back in time
Followed the footprints we leave in life
The trip took me back all the way
Day by Day to the day we met

Our footprints were always side by side
Never forcing its prints on the other’s face
I saw our life, with its share of showers
That left some prints washed off and unclear

Some prints, They were deep rooted in time
It seemed like, We got stuck at places some time
Some prints, Told that we took life slowly
While some, They reminded of a fleeting life

Then a point came somewhere in time
My footprint was all alone to be seen
I wondered, I wandered through memories
Where did you ever go missing in life

I travelled further in search of your print,
I wondered, Where did you leave me and go
And then in distance I saw your footprints
But my prints were gone and not to be seen

This went on and off for many times
While I saw both prints for times together
There were often times when one went away
And left single prints that drifted alone astray

I searched my heart for memories I know
Did not see when we ever parted ways
We always travelled together in life
But how then some footprints travelled alone

A wise man I saw standing by the side
They called him the footprint keeper
The footprint keeper they said
Keeps our life’s story closed in footprints

I stopped by and asked with respect
“Oh Wise man, keeper of foot prints
Why is it that we are together in life, but
our footprints have traveled alone many ways?“

The footprint keeper smiled and said
“It is all there, but you just can’t see”
“Why So I enquired?
We have always been together, this is unfair”

The wise man smiled and called me aside
“There have been times when you carried each other
Shouldering the burden that filled other’s life
Lifting the other up when they felt down”

“There have also been many points in life
when you travelled together as you imagined right
But in your mind you had drifted apart
then realized your folly and joined back”

I looked at him and knew what he meant
For two to be together truly in life
they ought to lift other when the need comes
and they should be together both body and mind

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4 replies

  1. Nice poetry – a poetry of self-realization in life. Make sure it’s remaining in words but also in action :-)!!!!!

  2. Nice flow to the poetry. The poetry kept me on hooks to find out the explanantion for missing footprints and the 2 reasons the Wise man gave are interesting. I felt the poetry finished too quickly though.

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