Free Verse

The Bleeding Wind….

It was like any day; like anytime before but not for the wind that brushed past me…. that acquaintance of a forgotten agony the heat beneath all expected coolness the feeling of being hurt by time… and exposed to hidden… Read More ›


Characters from old fables my grandma told Uneaten morsels of my most favorite dish Forgiveness for mistakes that I never asked Broken promises some that I got and many that I gave Futile attempts to make a difference Failed and… Read More ›

I am..

The Rhythm……The lost moment…..Those untouched emotions….Your Lips Rhyming with mine…That naturally perfumed body………my untamed mind…….Aha! there I am….

I wish Today

I wish Today That the skies be filled with birds Flying over the clouds As empty broken cages Wait to be thrown away I wish I wish Today That classrooms be filled Instead of prison cells That the rains fill… Read More ›


I surrender to you Bind myself in the locks of your hair and tell the world to go away As they search for me in your fallen veils You hide me between your eyelids Smile lasciviously at the world Distract… Read More ›

Body and Soul

Tampered by his own soul His Body lay senseless Imprisoned The Soul struggling to set itself free Body trying to run for safety They both know Finally the Soul will win the battle When time crosses an unaware second Somewhere… Read More ›