Free Verse

Unbroken Shadows

With a Broken heart, An unbroken shadow, and – Spirit falling deep into the abyss He looked again at the setting sun That carried his shadow away from him Into the night’s unfriendly hands He let himself fall unattended And… Read More ›

Bitch, Don’t Stare

Bitch, Don’t Stare My girl hates to share; Be Aware Bitch, Don’t Stare Keep off your snare Don’t even dare I Swear Bitch, Don’t Stare Sitting on that side chair With your salacious glare Go elsewhere Bitch, Don’t Stare Extramarital… Read More ›


In front of the butcher’s shop lured by the smell of fresh meat looking at bloody carcass hanging Desire blinded in Hunger He stands waiting Mid Night in front of the filthy tavern As drunken heads with shrunken eyes –… Read More ›

Life Time

Feeling life as it moves in time; You sense that there is no real urgency; Nevertheless it increases its speed Missing a few things worth an attention Sometimes it also slows down Feels like it is a stand still Life… Read More ›