Free Verse


My two sides make me unique Give me the power to decide the fate Some win some lose with every toss For what I am made of For what is inscribed on me People desire me I am precious if… Read More ›


When the pen goes dry Words fall short Dreams come to a halt Future moves further away Identities defamed The past blends with present Present looses relevance Sanity waits patiently Screams open a tear flood Souls leave the body Body… Read More ›


Nothing in the world corrects itself Time is a healer but too pricy It punctures the fabric of life Leaves you healed but incomplete Scars do not remind enough Of the days when the pain was struck They fall hidden… Read More ›


The light bulbs shine like the night would never end Fearing the sun, the moon has taken the night off The clouds ineffectively hid behind one another The sky remained still to go unnoticed I put my finger close to… Read More ›

The Flow

The flow is definite Question is its direction It could be downstream The norm, the regular No one will notice Nothing will be challenged And nothing will change It can be upstream Dangerous and alone But will be detected Ridiculed,… Read More ›


Tied up in the knots of fate, we are stuck With a veil of Illusion on common sense Trapped in the disgraceful quest for Power We lie awaiting a fractured future If we need a better tomorrow We should be… Read More ›

I am you

I sweat through the pores in your forehead We are one I will live your failures for you We are one Let my success be all yours We are one I cry when you are in Pain We are one… Read More ›


In time I leave fragments of me In time I live only fragments of me In anger, dies fragments of me Memories, they bring back fragments of me In hate I always loose fragments of me, And Love tries hard… Read More ›


Crippled mind in over fed bodies Judging the life in the ill fed bodies They don’t move, Dead is his verdict With eyes on the face that can no more see He stares at those faces with dried out tears… Read More ›