My two sides make me unique
Give me the power to decide the fate
Some win some lose with every toss

For what I am made of
For what is inscribed on me
People desire me

I am precious if I am the only kind
They collect and trade me
For much more than what I value

I travel from hand to hand
Bringing a smile where ever I go
Leaving a tear whenever I leave

There is also a third sad side to me
A side I wish to hide and never be
An existence that is beyond my control

On my name people rival and fight
They cheat; they murder and
Loathe one another.

On my name they lie
They fail to live, and they die
In futile pursuits of me and my kind

Without me desiring to be in power
I am made to run the world they live
They worship me more than love

In me they lose their own existence
They love me more than their own kind
And get devalued to my incoherent value

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

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5 replies

  1. I tinkle when I fall,
    I twinkle when the lights falls on me,
    I demand attention, I am not a metal, I am god for you all!

    Nicely written with simple words…I loved your composition! 

  2. hmm. you got a point vinod- tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..

  3. love you more the their own kind,

    how grand.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Brings to mind money is the root of all….. you make great points here and was a pleasure to read.  It leaves me with a truth in your words. Have a great day

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