The light bulbs shine like the night would never end
Fearing the sun, the moon has taken the night off
The clouds ineffectively hid behind one another
The sky remained still to go unnoticed

I put my finger close to the switch
That lit the neighborhood all night long
The decision had to be taken
The fear had to be fought and won

I put the switch off and closed my eyes
Imagined the darkness that filled the place
I could hear the cries of the clouds and wind
The heavy sighs of the frightened sky

I dreaded everything that I would not see
When the eternal darkness that blackened the world
With only sounds to show me the way
I would be blind in the bloody dark world

I slowly took my hands off my face
Opened my eyes with fear in my heart
It was not dark but bright as any day
The sun was up and the night was gone

Fear is what you think you can’t handle
Fear is losing what you depend on
Fear is what you think strength is not
Fear will reign if you don’t leave it alone

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

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