When the pen goes dry
Words fall short
Dreams come to a halt
Future moves further away
Identities defamed
The past blends with present
Present looses relevance
Sanity waits patiently
Screams open a tear flood
Souls leave the body
Body rots
Ethics get buried
Love wanders on the streets
Relationships are orphaned
Mind winds itself till it can’t escape
Silence breaks the long chatter
Life looks at death and both hug
The handover of man begins….

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9 replies

  1. hmmm interesting piece…

    Here’s me this week: http://manojramani.com/?p=482


  2. relationships are orphaned — my favorite line

  3. Very interesting, like a stack of cards each one leading to another randomly. I especially liked the last three lines.

  4. I really like, mind winds itself…

  5. Observations on snippets of life–very nice.

  6. Very profound. There are many lines which stand out on their own.

    “Body rots

    Ethics get buried

    Love wanders on the streets”; for an example.

    Also, my poem ‘Untitled-9’ was untitled because I couldn’t find any title for that. 🙂

  7. Wow! All for the want of words. 

    In anthropology they talked of what made man was his thumb, then the ability to make tools until they found others that could do the same without thumbs. But you have just proved it is words. What a waste we don’t use them more often.

  8. Hello.
    Really enjoyed your expressions, especially the ending.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your Song Of Love

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