The World is With Her

They told her she could not write again
But she had been taught different
Be Free; Talk your mind; Write the truth
Stand up for freedom is what she had learned
But they told her she should stop

Freedom becomes a costly affair
If your captivity defines their existence
They will befriend you and give you the gallows
They will throw you to Lions and watch the fun
If the Lions don’t eat they will eat you alive
And brand you as evil that should perish
For you spoke of freedom in their world

They kicked the earth under her feet
And in mid air she watched it fly away
She wandered in the free air and spirit
Till friendly soils lend her a home

They screamed to the world that she was lost
As she emerged, visible to the entire world
They claimed she was better dead than living
And hid their dead minds from those living free

She spoke; she wrote and she wandered more
Shouting the stories that occur in silence
Writing about everything they feared
She covered them in shame over again
They can say and prove all they want
But the world is with freedom
The world is with her

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

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