Bitch, Don’t Stare

Bitch, Don’t Stare
My girl hates to share;
Be Aware
Bitch, Don’t Stare
Keep off your snare
Don’t even dare
I Swear
Bitch, Don’t Stare
Sitting on that side chair
With your salacious glare
Go elsewhere
Bitch, Don’t Stare
Extramarital affair
It is not fair
It’s damage with no repair
So Bitch, Don’t Stare
You wanna Compare?
My girl is like a prayer
And sorry but you are a despair
You still wanna Compare?
Bitch, Don’t Stare
Dreams up in the air
You’re walking on Air
For I am no heir
To any billionaire
Or even a millionaire
So Bitch, Don’t Stare
Go elsewhere
Take Care and
Please go elsewhere

Categories: Free Verse, Humor, Poetry


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