A Bubble a Day

Troubles are like bubbles
They sure have to break
If one breaks away
A new one blows your way
But they sure go away
Troubles are like bubbles
They can never stay
They have to break away
Like bubbles break away
Troubles lose their way
Live a bubble a day

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

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9 replies

  1. so true, well put message on bubbles.

  2. “Troubles lose their way”  Love that.

  3. I agree! Surely they will break! I enjoyed reading your poem — like a nursery rhyme for adults. Nursery,adult? Whatever, all I want to say is I enjoyed rerereading it 🙂

  4. nice interpretation of the prompt really liked your take on it …thank you x 

  5. This is so true like is like a bubble and troubles are like bubbles. We need to break away and when a new one comes our way we need to blow it and break away from it not holding them inside of us

  6. Liked the last lne –  “Live a bubble a day” .  Enjoy the bubbles – the joy and the troubles before they burst!

  7. I like your take on the prompt. ‘A bubble a day’ loving that line 🙂 

  8. Wonderful… so hopeful! Especially comparing bubbles to one’s troubles. I like the idea of troubles being as fragile (and gone soon) just like bubbles 🙂

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