Unbroken Shadows

With a Broken heart,
An unbroken shadow, and –
Spirit falling deep into the abyss
He looked again at the setting sun
That carried his shadow away from him

Into the night’s unfriendly hands
He let himself fall unattended
And in the bright neon lights
He covered his face and cried

Looking up at the starry skies
He called out her name once again
Stillborn echoes mocked at him
He knew he could wait till dawn comes
Bringing with it another unbroken shadow
But the night still young and wicked
Had plans for him yet to be revealed

The artificial lights that lit the city
Lend him at times a few creepy shadows
Emerging from the sinister dark alleys
Screaming and running back into the night

He saw people going on with life
Unaware of their own lost unbroken shadows
Busy kissing, licking, cajoling one another
Their creepy shadows fighting each other
Falling flat on the dirty pavements

He felt a shadow creep from his back and –
hide behind the glitters of a sharp knife
Piercing through his broken heart
He saw the her face one last time

Lying down on that unknown sidewalk
As creepy shadows gathered around him
He smiled and embraced the unfriendly night
He knew he won’t need a shadow any more
He was leaving the world of unbroken shadows

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