What we should know from Ashton’s infamous Tweet

What went wrong with Ashton Kutcher? Was it his fault; or will more celebrities commit these blunders in the future getting lost in the twitter maze or is this how the whole status update thing is working out. You start all out being very cautious about what you post, because you don’t know if it will bite you back. Then if you are a celebrity, you will have tons of people following you and this becomes like a full time activity and you start believing that your followers expect a statement from you for everything that happens in this world. Which is probably just a false sense of importance

While you start updating frivolous things about what you think, eat or dream; there comes a time when issues like that in the Penn state scandal prop up. Since the fact that a day has only 24 hours does not change, your status updates have invariably taken a good chunk of that time leaving you with much less to really dig into the important things that happen around you.

More over your filters to catch up on the most important, popular and relevant news coupled with the cynical algorithms that work in the back ground to show and hide the news based on what you click and share let you see only the tip of the iceberg most of the time. Chances are so high that you would not have got the real meat of many issues.

There is an old age saying, think before you talk because what you say is yours only till you say it after that it is for the world to decipher and comment. Just like an arrow shot, you can never call it back period!. It is high time you (not just Ashton) but everyone who uses these tools don’t post updates like a competition; think, see if you have anything relevant to say and if that what you say is worthy. If you are a celebrity you will always have a million morons following you who would love to know what you eat and drink, but thats not the world.

I have never understood why people follow Ashton, but that is a different thing and may be my ignorance. Honestly I started hearing about him after he became Demi’s Boy friend, but then I might be dumb in terms of entertainment news. Anyway for Ashton thanks to these tools that give him a way to apologize and thereby get more face time with his followers. But are his followers in twitter necessarily his fans.

I am sure more such dumbness will be revealed by other celebrities. For once if he had thought about the issue, the ordeal that the victims would have gone through, about how power and position works to conceal truths by compromising moral standards, may be he would not have tweeted. But who has time for it, every one wants to be the first to tweet their opinion. But I guess twitter is so powerful that people could react back, what if people did not react, would he have retracted what he said, would he have bothered. This is the same issue with the scandal, the knowledge that something bad has happened was not used to stop it, but there were other priorities other than the need to help the helpless. Committing a crime is one thing, not doing anything even after knowing about it and silently letting it continue when you have the power to end it is equally grave.

There is a scene in a few goodmen in which the privates accused of the crime are found guilty and one private asks the other “but we were just following orders” the other private replies “but we have a moral responsibility to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.” I appreciate all those who made Ashton take back what he said and tonight would be unable to sleep because of what he did.

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