What to do at night

As the last ray of sun leaves the earth
Behind it should go all stress of the day
As you hold the night like a baby in your hand
And watch it grow through the cocktail glass
You should be Immersed in the music of love
Then light a candle and let it burn
As the world slowly dips in the dark
You should see her face glow on you
Take a sip from her glass
And give her a sip from your glass
Wait for the night to age to perfection
And then tell her how much you love

Categories: Free Verse, Life, Life and Happiness, Love, Love and Relationships, Passion, Poetry

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8 replies

  1. lovely,

    hold night like a  babay, smiles, love the line.


  2. I find sunset a thought provoking time.Lovely imagery.

  3. How perfectly romantic.  Yes, you should!

  4. Cheers to that mate! Nicely put together…

    here’s me this week: http://manojramani.com/?p=517

  5. Lovely.  this is a very thoughtful piece.  I love how you love ‘Her’

  6. A beautiful and romantic pace of poetry!
    thanks for share …


  7. love the imagery of this one, well done.

    Happy Halloween,

    Thanks for your support to Jingle Poetry Community, bless you.
    keep it up.

    looking forward to seeing you back soon.
    we are open until Thursday.

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