To Warmongers Everywhere

He looked at them as they ate their food
“To get the real taste of your food
you should see the dirt covering
my hands and feet” he said…
They looked at him
hands and feet covered in blood
He pointed east and continued….
I use to farm all over there
Now I don’t…
They don’t grow crops there anymore
they plant toy guns
so they can grow AK-47s
and kill each other and others unknown..
They don’t grow crops anymore….
They plant mines… thousands of them
Have you seen the young boys and girls here…?
They are not like when we were kids
They miss a leg or an arm
Did you see that burned tree there..?
Do you know we use to play on it..?
and sit in the shade…
I met my first love while sitting on it…
She was travelling dressed up for
some marriage…
She went missing last summer..
It was sad…
Did you know…? instead of playing
hide and seek
kids now seek hidden mines
now you know about the missing limbs
but they are the lucky ones…
still alive….
one kid has died in every house on this street
and any street you name here
some houses got chance to claim
more than one little body…
body… again if they are lucky….
Sad… Don’t you think..?
I was a farmer once upon a time
that is why I said…. for you to taste
your food… you should see the dirt
on my feet and hand…
But now there is not dirt… only blood
But what will these kids tell you
they might ask you to look
into the mirror every day…
so you can find them their
missing limbs
I know you don’t care
So please eat your food
It is no good when cold…

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

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