He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbour: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace

‘Love Thy Neighbor’ has been told umpteen times by people famous and less known. Neighbors are family that does not share a blood relation. Feuds between neighbors are also not a new thing and we have read stories and a few might have experienced also. I have been very fortunate in life to be surrounded by neighbors who have been there for me and my family at all times of support. When my dad passed away leaving my mom with two young kids, or when I grew up and took an apartment and lived in different places, we have had neighbors who became friends and then part of the family.

But while this is true with many people, I cannot stop thinking about how countries and their neighbors connect. Today was what every cricket lover in India would claim to be historical match, the mother of all matches; a sensational event between India and Pakistan. Two neighboring countries that at one time belonged within the same boundaries. Partition though now an old story is still deep rooted within each other’s history and story of independence. May be that is why millions on either side of the fence still relive the happenings even after six decades. ‘Let go’ and forget are probably terms that have been lost in time somewhere…

I am not saying that people should not be passionate about their country and support its team when a game happens, but why rejoice more when you defeat your neighbor. That spells much more than a match. In one way these matches are better for both countries that the ones with guns and bombs. Anything is good as long as lives are not lost and innocence is not crushed. And loved the way the nation stood in respect when the pakistani national anthem was sung side by side the Indian anthem.

Games, Music, Art and literature all can be the medicines that can heal the wounds of years. We as Indians should be proud when people of Pakistan enjoy songs of Kishore Da and they should be happy when we Indians sit mesmerized to Rahat’s voice. When we hear Faiz our souls are rejuvenated and our friends across the border are spellbound by Gulzar’s lines. When every Indian can support Pakistan in a Pakistan vs. England match, and vice versa we will see the change. Not because we have anything against England or we are answering back the two hundred odd years of British domination. We are just supporting our neighbors and good cricket

It is easy said than done, but instead of letting politicians with vested interests and unknown to the plight of common man decide what is good, the people should cross borders and hug each other. You will find that in sixty odd years neither of us has changed a bit in looks or language or what we eat or wear. When we both stood on either side of the bridge all these years unwilling to cross; a lot of hatred, anger and misunderstandings have been washed away by the tears of the citizens of either country who live under these bridges. Let us put an end to this for a new beginning of love.

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