When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other

Someone once told me that at times I leave my characteristics and start talking like someone else. What the person meant was I change my mannerisms to that of the person who is the center of attraction in a crowd. This was something I knew before but never thought of taking a deeper look at it, until I was told this on the face. My problem was that this was not intentional and happened many times quite naturally and so

I was unsure how to control it. I did not believe it was a good thing to happen and also when it becomes so obvious it becomes an embarrassment to people who are close to you.

Well the easiest reasoning would be that I crave for attention in a group and would like to be the center of attraction. This would not be completely wrong and I think many people love being the center of attraction or else this world would be a totally different place to live. But I felt this had to be subtle and not so obvious and this put me in a fix as again how do you control something you don’t know happening.

But again, there is another aspect to this which is a flavor of empathy and that is when you see someone poke himself with a needle your facial expression changes as if you were in pain. This is a comforting trait that you inherently have and a connection that you unknowingly establish. I could also say that my empathy towards people which manifests itself in such a way that I also borrow mannerisms from people at times

Another potential reason could be that some people are so energetic and magnetic that you get pulled in and become like them. This reasoning is not good for someone as that would mean you are a weakling with no strong identity of your own. But is it a crime being weak. I think not. So should you be yourself, weak and get influenced by someone else or should you act strong, try to be something you are not and make your identity always visible to others.

I think one should take life as it comes, if someone says you are weak let them, you can’t change every look that falls on you. You are the only person who knows who you are and all other comments are reflections of how the world sees you. You need to give it due consideration as this is the world you live in; but not necessary that it should drive the way you get up and act tomorrow. I might be wrong, but to err is human, keep it going 🙂

My Two Cents

Be Yourself even when you imitate others!

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