Doing What you Love

“For some, career is a grueling reality and for some it is a passionate journey”

People who are able to do what they love all day long are much more happier than the ones who endure a life not doing what they like. There are a lot of people who land up on their dream job or dream career only to find that it was not what they wanted.

One of the most important thing about being happy at a job is achieving success. If you are able to do well and you are able to perform such that you are commended for this every day, your work life will be much much more happier.

But the reality is that we don’t live in such a world where we get a pat on the back every single day of our work life. There are ups and downs in any career and many factors effect a person’s success from knowledge to team work to market realities.

While many people manage the ups and downs quite well and often with a smiling face some crumble beneath the heavy feet of failures.

Why does this happen?

Is there a success secret that one group knows and the other does not?

From what I know there is only one reason why people remain composed and happy during ups and downs at work. They love what they do.

Now many would say that they love what they do but the company sucks, the manager is a moron or any other reason. These are just excuses to avoid taking some decisions in life. And the fact remains that they endure it for life or they take a different job of the same kind and remain unhappy, because bills have to be paid and you gotta work.

The whole dynamics change only when one asks

“Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

Many would answer NO, Some would answer YES and yet another group will unconsciously lie, because they can’t think of an alternative.

I believe that every career can be tuned to work passionately for you if you find the right mix of success, appreciation, environment, coworker, expectations and the sort.

Laying down your passion and career choices on a plain paper is the starting point and interconnecting them to see what works. It might not be as simple as I say it, but there definitely is a way, a very personalized one for everyone

Countless books have been written on work, passion and happiness and how you bring them together. It is not that easy, or else people will be all doing exactly that and only one such great book is needed for solving it all. I strongly believe it is all about personalization, being able to understand the passion and your career options

A Job pays the bills, and that is very good, because you need bills to be paid, But you also need to feed your heart with doing what you love. And then balance these both to enrich life further.

Let me know what you all feel. If you like to have a passion talk click here, we could spend 10 minutes seeing what we could do better

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