Is Anonymity on Internet important?

Today I watched the TED video by Christopher “moot” Poole the founder of 4chan, a controversial, uncensored online imageboard.

The comments were also very interesting and I like to share some of the ‘for anonymity’ threads.

  • It gives us (the reader) a peek into the darkest corners of human mind.
  • It gives us a glimpse of how our culture is evolving (again as a reader)
  • Anonymity is beautiful, it automatically rids people of status and therefore ego

I liked these three comments as they tell why anonymity is needed and what good we can take as a reader.

But the question is do I need anonymity in what I say? I guess not.

I am a strong believer that every word uttered should have a name and an identity to it. Personally for me I believe that I stand responsible for what ever I say or do and this Non anonymity (sometimes forced upon by my self) helps me to be transparent and more truthful.

But I guess in countries where freedom of speech is a dream this service can do a lot of good, but then people there will not have access to this either.

Bottom line two questions cross my mind

Would I like to read and see into anonymous postings on web? Yes
Would I like to tell something without revealing my identity? NO

Then a series of questions stands on trial before me

So if I can’t speak out now what do I do?
I am not sure, but I guess I will wait till I can face the aftermath of what I say.

But what if it is very important that people must know what I have to say?
Should I put the thought on 4chan?

Well that is a fine line I am not comfortable treading now and so slightly confused today after viewing  this.

But as always open minded to change my views as I know better