Is Anonymity on Internet important?

Today I watched the TED video by Christopher “moot” Poole the founder of 4chan, a controversial, uncensored online imageboard.

The comments were also very interesting and I like to share some of the ‘for anonymity’ threads.

  • It gives us (the reader) a peek into the darkest corners of human mind.
  • It gives us a glimpse of how our culture is evolving (again as a reader)
  • Anonymity is beautiful, it automatically rids people of status and therefore ego

I liked these three comments as they tell why anonymity is needed and what good we can take as a reader.

But the question is do I need anonymity in what I say? I guess not.

I am a strong believer that every word uttered should have a name and an identity to it. Personally for me I believe that I stand responsible for what ever I say or do and this Non anonymity (sometimes forced upon by my self) helps me to be transparent and more truthful.

But I guess in countries where freedom of speech is a dream this service can do a lot of good, but then people there will not have access to this either.

Bottom line two questions cross my mind

Would I like to read and see into anonymous postings on web? Yes
Would I like to tell something without revealing my identity? NO

Then a series of questions stands on trial before me

So if I can’t speak out now what do I do?
I am not sure, but I guess I will wait till I can face the aftermath of what I say.

But what if it is very important that people must know what I have to say?
Should I put the thought on 4chan?

Well that is a fine line I am not comfortable treading now and so slightly confused today after viewing  this.

But as always open minded to change my views as I know better

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  1. “I am a strong believer that every word uttered should have a name and an identity to it.”This is a fine requirement for many contexts. The more important the decisions being made based on those words, the more important that identity come into play. I won't take life critical advice from the whispers in forums, for example.However, requiring strong identity is the hallmark of repressive regimes the world over. Look at China, where saying the wrong things can lead to police investigation or even prison. For those of us who live in free societies, we tend to dismiss “how bad it could be” and see anonymity as a luxury. In some countries minority viewpoints can only be expressed via anonymity. 4chan does not have noble intention and ignoble people tend to flock to such out of control situations. Some good may escape, but probably not enough to “justify” the time and energy spent on it. Wikileaks exemplifies the other extreme of anonymity: the ability to blow whistles and call out governments or corporations that wish to hide from the truth of their actions. Some good may come of it; in fact, I believe Wikileaks balance sheet to be positive. Do we want an Internet Drivers License? (… )China does; that is enough for me to rail against the idea.Interestingly though, Wikilieaks itself is non anonymous. The site does not permit every conspiracy theory or crackpot statement, but requires documents to carry authority, even if they are provided by anonymous sources.

    • very right john, The question is how much good comes out. I also checked the site after I saw the Video and for me what I saw was that people wearing masks and shouting out, my worry again, how do I trust what some one in a mask says.

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