Remembering Dad

I realize now that I have spent more time
Without him than time with him
Life has pulled on faster than I know
Leaving its traces only in my thoughts
And yet another father’s day comes by

Bringing with it some fond memories
A few drops of tears,
a deep sense of lose somewhere in my heart
The moments I wish would have never ended
With the person I always wish could still be with me

It has been a long twenty years
And it all seems like just yesterday
I could see that smiling face
The jokes he cracked to make the family laugh

Some of the jokes did make our mom frown
For he never thought anything inappropriate
We kids loved him like there was no tomorrow
For he acknowledged the grownups we wanted to be
and always showed us the kid he could be

And then a day in life the truth meets you
it comes into your life uninvited and uncalled
Gets stuck with you for the rest of your life

An evening years ago, and Dad was not home
He was traveling out of town as I remember
A call came and I heard some mumbling
I could hear them say a few words
Sick, hospital, and then finally his name

I was too young to panic that time
But my mom as usual worried for the worst
I told her it would be nothing at all
But she insisted that we all sit and pray

I wish I was right and she was wrong
Just one time that one single time
But she was right as always she is

The next day morning
They brought dad back
But the smile in him, the life in him
had left its abode and traveled on forever

I still remember the day he was traveling
I and my mates playing cricket as usual
He walked by me and patted on my back
“I am going but see you on Monday”
“Will be here before you’re awake”
He said that and walked off to the streets

I still wait for that one Monday
And I know it will never come
I know I can spend Father’s day year after year
And It is only the memories that will be there
Not him, not any more

I love you Dad….

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry

22 replies

  1. Very touching! I never met him but I have always met him through your mom and you – as you know I always tell you I wish…he was there when I came into the family and I wish…you had his patience and calmness which you all boast about him.He has left those impressions that he teaches us many things even today through different means…Happy Father's Day! Be happy that he is still alive among us!Cheers

  2. same feeling on a personal level…same feeling as reading vayalars aathmaavil oru chitha!Well written!

  3. Touching, poignant. All the small bits and pieces of memory I have of your dad, this just brought back it all to me like a strong tide. I'll stop here, as words fail me.

  4. @usha @jags @Krish Thanks for the comments they mean a lot

  5. Beautifully written and very touching too.

  6. perfect man , very well put in words

  7. @Atul, @Sapna Thanks for visiting

  8. touching, Really………..the day falls over me.and …………

  9. very touching Vinu..nicely done..couldn't stop our tears from our heart….twenty years..can't believe…just like yesterday, we spent our good times with him in Dubaishort time with lots of good memmories…..

  10. Very touching Vinod……..

  11. Vinuetta, just read this now. It was really touching from the bottom of my heart and I just cannot stop the tears after reading this. Remembering a lot about him. The days he used to play with us whenever he met us. He still lives in all our hearts. It s real touching.

  12. This is so touching, it just tugs at the heart you have written a truly beautiful tribute

  13. Touching tribute.

  14. it is beautiful. so beautiful.

  15. Dear Vinod,

    Your poem made me cry. Beautifully written. Wherever your father is now, be sure he is still guiding you, looking after you, loving his little boy….


  16. Dear Vinu,

    perhaps to some clairvoint doctor
    the big lump in my throat
    if detctable As i read you
    no doubt he will diagnose
    An immediate cancer,
    at least benign!

    the many kindness he had
    bestowed on my helpless soul
    before defying my touch
    and the many many moments
    I stood speechless
    I could nothing for you,
    such a soulful and brilliant young man,
    As you always were,
    in his absecence,
    i have stared into myself
    and saw what little it means
    to know,
    when in fact,
    even a small twig of a bridge
    I failed to bridge…
    Yet he has
    lived in me as much as self
    As you!
    But in times modern
    To which i am an awkward guest at best,
    It is so rare tobe rewarded
    like reading you,
    where your bruises
    and blades of grass
    To us become amrith,
    Even if
    Neelakanda has to wander begging
    A thusand years
    A skull in hand,
    Proud, but serene,
    At each shadow
    That pass
    his wandering steps!

    You have
    Found love
    That was in you
    But inaccessible for so long!
    Let that gift be
    Contageous and incurable!

    Love, Regards


  1. Looking back at Life after reading Option B – Vinod Narayan

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