The God helmet

Recently I was watching the wormhole with Morgan freeman in the science channel. The topic was “Is there a Creator?”

While all the people and theories presented were fascinating I was particularly hooked on to one person and his one invention

Dr. Michael Persinger and his God Helmet

The God helmet as seen in this image is a helmet based apparatus, placed on the head of an experimental subject, it then stimulates the brain with fluctuating magnetic fields. The result is that they would report experiences that greatly resemble that of spiritual experiences as many have claimed to have had.

Now for the most exciting part is that if this experience happens in a church, temple, synagogue or mosque. If it happens in front of a self made godman or God women, you can imagine how life altering it would be for such a person.

And now how can these fluctuating magnetic fields be created in a natural setting? Is it all possible that they be created in our daily life?

Well the interesting observation is that most of the prophets, apostles,  and gurus of religion have claimed that they have had revelations which were out of the world experience that they could not explain by theoretical and practical laws of physics and science and seemed like it was directed by a super being.

Changes in brain’s sensory perception can happen from many things around us, shock, lightning, sound, suffocation, emotions within relationships and for that matter anything and every thing that relates to our ability to think

That being said every one of us has the ability to be in a situation where the fabric, the very organization within our brain can be altered so for us to have experiences that can be termed as spiritual if we want to look at it that way.

Which brings us to the point where for the greater good if we want we can stop the debate that whether the creator exists or not, and agree on a statement that there definitely is a source that can dramatically change the course of history right in our brain. It just needs to be simulated naturally or artificially and then force us to act in the right setting.

I would go a step further and think that this has been happening naturally over and over again to people who once they have it take the next step to move forward and promote it because they believe in it. This explains why we have so many religions and so many cults and even people with a mission who try to drive the world the way they think is the right way.

If it was one God and he created religion then he would not have made ten religions like that reduces the traffic on the road to salvation

For all readers, Don’t let another human being claim to guide you to your salvation for the source of salvation is right within you and let us understand that anyone can change the world for the better if they really believe in it

You always see when you look but what makes you believe your vision is the grey matter between your ears

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  1. All that has been proven with the “God Helmet” is that if an artificial magnetic source is placed close to the brain, the individual gets an halucination of “something else” being present.

    This has absolutley no bearing on whether people have had true spiritual experiences. Only that such an artificial experience can be produced with technology.

    Carl Rooker

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