You need People to Build Bridges

The Business and Technology folks often live disconnected from one another in many ways. They assume that new tools and new process will help them bridge the gap.

This is often so untrue and the result is that both parties come up and blame the process and tools later on.

The cost of this effort for the company is so humongous that they fall into a trap of dissecting failed processes and investing on new tools.

History tells us that people build bridges, cranes and pulleys aid the effort. It is the intelligence of the workers that go into keeping each brick and stone into the right place.

People understand when they do something wrong and when they do it right. It is just that they don’t always act on this knowledge.

When you want to connect with folks in a different team doing a different function, first understand that you need to build the bridge for you both to connect. Tools and processes are too dumb to tell you what to do, they only aid you and every time they fail they are just telling you how big an A**hole you are.

So don’t blame the process and don’t blame the tool when it fails, correct your self and try looking at the other side and saying that we both have a common agenda and that is why we chose to sail in the same boat.

Get your acts together and build the bridge using your intuition, intelligence and focus.

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