Slowing Down

Why speed up to the grave
When you can truly slow down

Why speed to the edge
And halt with a Sigh,
Look back at losses before you fall

Life is so much prettier
Living it every moment

Slowing does not mean being dumb
Nor is it an asset of the lazy anymore
It’s the virtue of one who values their life

Anyone who needs true success
Should enjoy the journey and the fruit

If you are not happy today, here, now
No point in your life will ever come
For you to truly feel you are

No riches, No wealth, No Gift I say
Is worth your life enjoyed by you

I have been sad, I have been unhappy
But not any more, not another day
For I have decided to slow and enjoy

People speed through a life
They worry about when lived slow

Eating fast food faster than it’s served
Speeding through nightmares in their sleep
Slow down my friend, life is not that bad

Lift up life’s drink to your lips
Smell its fragrance as it drips into you

Bury the worry in its own ugly grave
And enjoy these moments when you still have them
And slowly and happily move towards your own

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  1. as usual, excellent!


  1. 72/365 The slow pace of life – Vinod Narayan

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