Finally we were able to watch the 3 idiots. Reminded me of my REC days. I guess everyone who has been in an engineering college would have felt the same way.

The interesting thing that struck me is that even if engineering is not your passion, a four year life in an engineering college is worth the effort.

I guess I learned more from my life in the college than the syllabus we had. Moreover I was there not because engineering was a passion, but that’s where the herd was heading and I too joined. But once into the school it was a whole different ball game. The sheer enjoyment and diversity you get to see being in an engineering college was worth it. I am not sure if life in an Arts college is similar, but I guess all college life is fun if you want it to be.

There were some cool things we did during our college times, May be I will have a different post with some of our misadventures that time.

For all those who have a passion other than engineering, go for it but if you ever end up in an engineering college for no fault of yours, enjoy it to the maximum, complete the course and get out and follow your dreams.

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  1. The movie is too good but I felt the book is much more interesting. I just loved it. You go years back to college imagining what Chetan Bhagat explains in detail and I could feel each and every word as if it was me there!!! I am sure you would have had a chance to read that as well. A book very light to read but very interesting!!!

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