Do something New on a regular basis; It Helps!!

It is important to do something new every now and then. You might ask “Even if I love what I do?”. The answer is Yes. Because it is quite natural for us to fall into seemingly subconscious boring lapses of momentary non-existence even while doing the things we so much love. When you do something new […]


Is Sleep your real Enemy?

We use to live in a world where they said that too much sleep was the sign of laziness. The interesting this is that this thought went too far that now we battle the problems of having less sleep. Is’t that ironic, We change our lifestyles hoping for the better and it back fires. What […]


The 1% Factor

You might have heard a thousand times that “you can be anything that you really put your mind into”. This is a cliché usage in motivation talks world over. If you have read the book “the secret” and pondered further to how people relate to what is written in the book to elements in quantum […]