Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end

relationship-150x150The other day I was reading a nice explanation on relationships and balancing life. It said that we hold on to things like we hold on to the handle strap in a moving train to keep the balance and avoid falling.

In life most of these straps can be traps that can disillusion one from knowing what makes them happy and contented. From the costly car, dresses to friendships and relationships we always hold on to something assuming that it will get us closer to happiness. Being Happy is not easy with all the things around us that can distract us from it.

Looking for the perfect relationship will make us blind to the fact that any relationship
we have with another person will not be a neatly crafted jigsaw puzzle that seamlessly fits in. The edges are uneven and so are people, and in every unevenness, you can find a way to work. Might be tough but one should try.

When I look back on my relationships both past and present, I can now see the uneven edges that I was so adamant on smoothening and others where I accepted it as a reality. The results were dramatically different. The first step towards relationships is the ability to accept what is opposite to you. A sense of acknowledging what you don’t necessarily agree with…

My Two Cent

Acknowledge What you don’t agree


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