It’s Over

He walked up to her & said that it was over; she looked at him & smiled; ‘finally’ she said; the book had kept him away from her for 2 days


She was his life; Then she grew; spread her wings & flew; Time passed; He grew old & weak; she flew back & took care; He was her life too.


They disagreed; she was right, so was he. They realized and both changed. They still stood on opposite sides of all debates. End


“Her lips are poisoned, don’t..” but no one heard the best man cry out and the crowd gathered around the fallen groom. The bride had fled.

Too Late

She never asked him why, Nor did he tell her. Then he jumped off the running train. By then it was too late for questions.

Your Turn

He walked up to her with the knife in his hand. She threw the groceries bag at him and ran “Today it is your turn to cut the apples”