13/365 On Shared Pains and Shared Struggles

How do we connect with people? What brings us together. Is it the fun times we spent together? Is it the fun things we did together?. I don’t think so.

What brings me closer to people is the shared pain and struggle. Even with total strangers I have found being connected via shared experiences. Mostly the pain and struggles.

I don’t know why, but it could be because we remember our pains and struggles much more. We might not express them to everyone or tell it to the public, but we will feel it, deep inside. So when we come across someone who shares the similar pain and struggles we connect at a very deep level.

It is like we know the other person even though we have not met each other. It also tells me something about human beings. At the fundamental level we are all the same. Our experiences make us one. 

Without shared pains and shared struggles we will be so alienated to each other. Maybe that is why we see people discriminate. They don’t understand one another because they don’t share pains and struggles. 

This calls us to be more considerate in our approach and outlook about the world and the people in it. We all share so much between us.

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