14/365 Nothing is Permanent

Last few days I have not been I have not been lifting any weights in the Gym, but I go there as part of my project and do Cardio. The reason for not lifting weights is that I have a bad shoulder and sometimes it starts paining. I have to give it a few days. But Nothing is permanent as they say.

Some twenty years ago I was going through some tough times in life and I spoke to a cousin of mine and he told me about something my dad used to tell him. My Dad had died when I was sixteen and so this cousin of mine who was ten years elder to me had more long conversations about life with him.

It seems my dad once told him that nothing is permanent. Anything that we are currently going through. Happiness, Sadness, fear.. Anything. They are not permanent and will change. I always remember that. I don’t mean these shoulder pains, I mean more of things that we make up in our mind. 

This one thought that things will change has helped me both to be grounded as well as be hopeful about tomorrow.

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