15/365 A Transparent World

What would a transparent world look like? A world where everyone can be themselves. People do not have to show more than what they have. Where there is no fear to say what you think is the right thing. Where one can fail and not be punished for it. Where success is appreciated but not used for comparisons. Where one is not belittled for being themselves. 

I sometimes feel that Social Media does give that kind of transparency. But we use it to do exactly the opposite. We use this to show our best self or it aids in bringing the worst self in us. Is there a different way to look at it? A way in which it aids us to be more transparent. What is our incentive to be more transparent ?

Maybe we still live in a world like that. Just that it is only possible if we deliberately want it. I was thinking about the incentive we have for being transparent. I think the biggest incentive is that it allows us to not worry about what other people think.

I think instead of thinking about the world maybe we can consider three avenues where we can try to be transparent. One is in the office and then in Life and then online. This pretty much covers everything. In office at least now there is a cultural shift towards being more transparent. 

In Social Media it is all up to us. In life, this is where it can get a bit tricky as many of our relationships could be built on the lack of transparency and if we attempt it, we should also be ready to let go of them.

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