Day 16 The Day after Thanksgiving Break

I don’t mean they after Thanksgiving. That was three days ago. I mean the day after Thanksgiving Break. The Monday. Today. When you sit at your desk and listen you can hear people asking each other how their Thanksgiving was. No one seems to be unhappy that the break ended. While it is the same holiday for all, everyone seems to have spent it in a different way. 

There were people who had the Turkey dinner and those who did not. I did not have the turkey dinner. To be honest I don’t like it and every year it goes waste. This year as well kids bought something from Costco and ate and then e threw it away. I wonder how many Turkey would have been slaughtered for no reason.

I saw a post of from my friend on Social Media. He had posted a picture of a folk of Turkey in front of his house. On the day after Thanksgiving and he had put the caption ‘Showing the Courage’. I never liked Turkey meat. Once I took it and tried making some curry and it was bad. I know what you re thinking. Why would I blame my bad culinary skills on a bird that has lost its life. Well, I could not make turkey blend with my curry powder. 

I too walked around and asked a few people how their Thanksgiving was. They all said different things. I asked some more and then we left it there. Thanksgiving is over. But it is still the holiday season. There is more to the madness before the year ends. I have a small road trip end of the year that I am looking forward to. 

And yes I am going to Journal here. 

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