12/365 And then I listen more

Today I forgot to carry my earphones to the Gym. This means no podcasts, Music or Audio Books. But I observed something fascinating. I will always be listening to something. Driving. Cooking, chores at home, Gym, Walking.. You name it I will be listening to something.

This also means that I will be totally unaware of the sounds in my surroundings. I hear so much less of the work around me. I don’t listen to my own environment. Birds Chirping, Dogs Barking, machines working, cars driving. Just for records I don’t wear my earphones while driving. But I will still be listening to something on the Radio or my phone connected to it.

Today sitting in the Gym without my earphones, I felt handicaped for a while but then I started hearing. The Weights hitting the metal. The water being filled in the water bottle. The grunts people make. I could listen to what was happening around me. It was a different experience to me. 

I found that very weird because I never realized how little of my surroundings I really listened to. It is like being disconnected from the actual sounds. You live in the real world but your ears savored what was not in your present. It was like I am not truly present.

That said, I don’t think I will do this often. I will continue the earphone life. Unless I find a reason not to.

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