You need to free your mind to understand what others are trying to convey

The world we see is a perception of what we think the world is. Same goes with what people say and what we take the meaning as. Our life is always a hit and miss of what we perceive a person wished to convey through their words or actions. At times we are so sure about our perception and go forward with that until we meet a dead end. Other times we are the one who are trying to say something and the listener never gets it. They always perceive their own meaning. You take the communication between friends, relatives, family, coworkers or total strangers. Everyone has these hit and miss. It is not that people don’t want to get the correct meaning of what others convey, it is just that most of us are not fully capable of it. We are driven by and affected by everything that happens in our life and over the top we try to make analysis of these and end up in some dark corridor where from we can never see the reality.

The only check is to know that there are many things in life that you cannot control. Even your sanity is not your control. You are sane only because you have not been proved otherwise. If we look deep into ourselves, we can look at some of our past actions that will truly endorse us as insane. Many of us walk in these borderlines every day. SO the only option is to realize that we are not in control (NO I am not saying someone else is) I am saying that no one is in control and can be and so don’t try getting in control. When you are not in control, you give yourself the leverage to err and that is the key ingredient to a less stress life. Not trying to be perfect and expecting the same from others.

When you give people the leverage to say something that is not in line with your thoughts and still be able to constructively communicate, you are moving a step closer to being able to understanding what they wish to say. Without adding your perception and meaning into the equation you are ready to consume what the other person says in a very open mind. Not easy I agree, but tell me another way. You can always choose to live with the stress, weight and sword on your head or you can choose to get it all on the ground and fly. That is my aim, hope it is yours too….

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  1. Exactly what I believe…
    But I were not able to implement it fully


  1. Between Love and Hate there is a thin line of indifference | I Care

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