Y-Combinator accepts more ideas than ever before

If you are an aspiring product guy, with an idea and think you could be the next big thing on the web, you would not have missed this recent news. The popular incubator set up Y Combinator recently invited 60+ teams to participate in its programs or in other words Y-Combinator found that 60 odd ideas and of course their teams are worth giving a shot. This is up from the 44 they had last season. You might know some of their alumni Scribd, Reddit, Disqus and more…. Now that is very interesting, motivating and equals itself the joy of getting funded. But that is not what I wanted to convey.

The funding with Y-Combinator is not in the millions or in the hundred thousand, but much lower. The beauty of the program is that you get very easily wired into the group that can (if you have an idea worth it) help you to take it through completion. Mentoring, telling you what went wrong with many, unwritten and untold stories of triumphs and failures that might have been locked down in unrecognizable corners waiting to see light only when your idea is presented.

Your idea becomes the fuel for other ideas to emerge. If you have it go get it, and Y-Combinator is not alone and you will find more such incubator programs, but the point is if you want to be able to answer the big question “Show me the money?” you have to be first in front of the people who will ask you the question and listen to your answer and give you a shot at proving you correct or them (some skeptics among those who fund you) wrong.

Take a paper, draw a few lines and some boxes, then write some lines of code, mock solve a problem, be confident, go out there and pitch it keep moving….

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