An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs

Why are escalators important when I do the count Down. Well more than the significance is the experience, the experience of being on one. I have been working in the city of san francisco for over two months now an daily morning I come up the escalator in Montgomery station where it opens into the Market street.

Every day I stand in awe as I break out of the less lit station walkway to the morning
breeze and light of the day. The view can never be explained as it feels. With the Market street filled with tall high rise buildings the elevator takes you at a slow pace opening up the whole world of opportunities to you.

Every new day becomes a truly new day with new challenges and promises. The count down to the fortieth birthday is also a kind of escalator that can take you both up into the open world of opportunities or the darker corridors of retreat. The choice rests with us….

My Two cents

Stand Still and let the world open before you!