Be Happy, Get success out of your mind!

Taking tab of life is a tough job; invariably you end up noting what you have not done and then thinking how you can get that. All that you have now never surfaces. Your definition of success and list of wants have redefined themselves to include much more that what you already have. Now this has no end. You complete the list and again take a tab you will end up same place, unless you make a considerable effort to change that thought process. Firstly you have to know that you don’t have to prove a damn to anyone. You might say that your wants are yours and not to show off, I take your word for that, so you can read me only if you think I make sense. It is a free world dude!

Secondly know that there is more in this world than what you can experience, own or want in this lifetime. The world will create more things for you to long for and that is the rule of the game. It is marketing baby and you are the guinea pig. So where do you stop; where do you exactly find that point to put a stop to your needs and structure your future. The sad part is that there is no such point and the good part is that every moment in life is a point for this.

You can decide one morning that you are fed up of wanting more and say you are going to live life to its fullest. Now living life to the fullest is not by having a thousand wants and then breaking your back to achieve them. You might think so, but that is not my view of life and this is my blog and I will put my opinion. This is my two cents column my friend.  To know what living life to the fullest is according to me go drink a glass of water when you are really thirsty, carry your love in your arms, hug someone long enough for minds to meet, talk to an old friend, look at the mountains, at night look at the skies, Walk barefooted on the grass, kiss your love passionately, Be Happy!

My Two cents

Be Happy, Get success out of your mind!

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