A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

The other day I saw a very interesting video on Leadership. Leadership in one way is so easy, you just have to follow the right path and the masses will follow you. But there is a small catch, you will have to walk alone a long way before the first person follows you. Not many people are ready for the initial lonely walk, and so leadership being easy is a scarce commodity.

When Gandhi walked he did not have all the people in the country follow him, but then one by one the country rallied behind. Martin Luther King started alone, and then you know what happened and how our world has changed. Now many skeptics will still say that they did not start alone, they had help. But you should understand that the walk is not necessarily a physical action, but even something that is more internal. The walks you take in your mind, priming yourself to take up the journey of righteousness even if you know you might have to garner support over a long time.

My Two Cents

If you feel right; Be ready to move on, All will follow

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