Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually

Man has always been closely connected to the sea. Be it for food or for travel, it has been an integral part of the history of mankind. I was bought up in a coastal town and the beach was a big attraction in my childhood with its only park and ice cream trolleys and ground nut sellers who gave groundnuts heated in sand and wrapped into old news papers. Though I lived in a coastal town, swimming in the sea was not an activity as we did not have these places planned for it and also people cared less to keep it clean. So my connection with the sea remained walking in the sand and watching the waves hit the shores and at times getting to wet our legs. Though we had a relatively large fishing population in the town, my knowledge was primarily within seeing the fishing nets in the area. when I grew up the beach was the place where we spend nights in our youth with a few drinks inside, the cool breeze at night and the sound of waves hitting and spitting the shores was an experience I would never explain fully. Sunsets, Sunrise, the clear sky, the water and the wind gave the feeling that the world is so big, much bigger that where I was then. Interestingly except for London, all places I lived were close to the sea. The smell of the sea still brings me memories of home and other places I lived. This weekend I was again by the sea in Monterey bay celebrating mother’s day in one of the restaurants. The sea smelled the same in Monterey just like it did in my home town Calicut.

My two Cents

Stand on the shore of any sea and you will be connected with your home!

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