To be happy you should first stop searching for it!

People have been following various paths to happiness, some have even made a fortune (their version of happiness) be telling people which is the right path. The fact is that happy and unhappy people are all over the world and in all walks of the society. So there is no one point of measure beyond which one becomes happy or unhappy. While the majority of people have a certain idea of what would make them happy and they try achieving it and then realize that it is good, but not just the exact thing and that something else is missing in the ingredient, and this goes on.

Now if instead of saying happiness and I say happy moment, there are a whole bunch of people who can tell you exactly what that is and they might just all be true. We can clearly identify with happy moments, but we fail when it comes to defining happiness. The truth is that all of us have different things that make us happy. When you look at what you have it always comes with an image of what you don’t have and it makes a person unhappy. So before trying to define what happiness is we should look at the happy moments we had and then replicate them in life. There will be a good amount of people telling about a good time with family and friends as happy moments, but there will be less people who would say that to be happy I just log into my bank account.

I am happy because I have some very precious people in my life and I am happy because I have known some very nice people in my life, I am happy because inside me I don’t hate anyone. I am happy because I know I am not in control of everything that happens around me, I am happy because I have the power to make small differences in my world around. I am happy because there is hope in the air, I am happy that I can speak my mind.

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  1. your post is very nice, it made me feel better at 9 o clock in the morning 😀 Thank you.

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