Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it!

What are our duties as individuals? How do we recognize our responsibilities without them being enforced? People growing up in different parts of the world and under different cultures grow up to look at world differently. Even though now there is much more evenness in the generic idea of an individual’s responsibility, society’s function differently giving its people varied levels of freedom and restrictions to live. Child Labor is banned by law in most parts of the world, but what age defines a child is not that uniform. Same goes with the age for marriage, the institution of marriage, treatment of women, rights of individuals, and much more.

But underlying all this there is an inherent ability of a human being to identify his or her own responsibility, from looking at the law and cultural norms one can make a fair sense of right and wrong and how his responsibility as a human being can reflect positively in the society. Any individual if behind closed doors is ready to look into himself he can analyze what he is doing and how from what he does can he make a sense of responsibilities.

Man always fights within himself with trying to grasp with his responsibilities. If you are in the army and you think it is your responsibility not to kill someone even if it is the enemy, you might end up putting your fellow soldiers life at risk. If you are in a class and the teacher teaches something that is not right, it is your responsibility to correct, but the authority might tear you apart. But the problem is that we as individuals debate and discuss about the responsibilities of man that often fall on the borderlines and spend so much time and energy trying to figure the correct thing. But we often forget the most obvious responsibilities of a human being. The responsibilities to Love, to acknowledge; to teach; to share; to help; to tell the truth and more… I don’t think any of us have any doubts on these responsibilities of a human being, but how many of us take it up on us to do it.

There is no using blaming the government or the law or the law enforcers, if you are not ready to take up your responsibility as a human being

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