It is a new Beginning

You can be anything you want starting now, your past or your present will come together if you acknowledge both and are ready to learn from them to be what you want to be. I have over the past 100 days daily looked at one aspect of life in order to celebrate count down to my fortieth Birthday. I think these 100 days have been quite an experience for me. It has enabled me to look back at life and explore what it means to me. I have been able to ponder on how I want to look at life from here on. The whole idea was to answer respond to what someone told me a few years back “Till forty it is uphill and after forty it is downhill” Well you are mistaken my friend, forty is when there is a new beginning in your life, if you are ready to embrace it.

Well so today as I am one day aways from my fortieth, I am starting anew. Just embracing the fact that a beginning can happen even at the middle, that it is all in the outlook, the way you view your life. As we are holidaying the coastal town of Mendocino , I feel so much unwinding, happiness and content with the life I have. I got a tattoo for the first time yesterday, it pains a bit, but I felt that tattoo is more philosophical than it seems, Adding something to your body that will continue with you for ever. There is a close connection that you are establishing with something external (an art form) making it become a part of you here on. A new beginning and I love it..

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