I turned 40 Today!

I was born today, 40 years ago. I am sure my mother should be remembering it just like yesterday, for I could feel it when she called me to wish. I remember that of my kids just like it was yesterday. Birth is the beginning of something that sets in motion a serious of events interlinking multiple lives at multiple levels of relationships.

From the moment the umbilical cord is cut and the kid is separated from its mother, they are nurtured and set to face the realities of life. I remember my mother saying that I did not cry when I was born and as I was getting blue with short of breath the doctor had to hold me upside down and swing to get me to cry. Well I guess I needed a lot of help and some real push to come into this world, and even today I love the push from all my loved ones to move on in life and I am sure someone will have to really push me into the grave for when the time comes I will be standing beside it unwilling to leave this world:)

What did I do differently this birthday, My wife presented me with a tattoo. Well that is a cool memory for the 40th Birthday. It was slightly painful than what I expected and I bow my head to all those mothers who go through so much pain and give birth!

My birthday is dedicated to all mothers out there. I love you all!