Today, Here, Now……

Where in the world
Should one be searching for peace

Which table today
Should one play to win the game

When can one be
Quite and still exist

And when will all the dices
Fall just right

Stronger one should grow
Not outside but Inside

Compassionate one should be
Not just inside but truly outside

Pursue one should
Not dreams but values

Help one should
Not just the needy but also the mute

Follow one should
Always the heart over the head

Know one should, right from the wrong
Because it is fairly simple

Believe one should
In everything good and true

Fight one should
When evil descends on them

Quite one should be more
If words should bear meaning
And be heard

What one does
Is the reflection of who they are

Who they are
Is the result of what they think

And what they think
Is always (I repeat always) in their own control

There are no wins and victories in this world
Only happiness uncovered amidst unaccounted failures

No battles to be won, No war to be fought
No tests to pass in, No proofs to be given

Don’t search for change
Don’t wait for it to happen

Today, here, now…..
That is all you have……
That is all you will ever have……

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