The 1% Factor

You might have heard a thousand times that “you can be anything that you really put your mind into”. This is a cliché usage in motivation talks world over. If you have read the book “the secret” and pondered further to how people relate to what is written in the book to elements in quantum physics you will start believing a lot of that. As the world gives new perceptions and interpretations about matter and consciousness and how one could affect the other and the sorts I wonder how easy this thing is.

The problem with the mind is that if you want to put it in a place it invariably wanders into the deep alleys where you don’t people to know that you think around. Focus, will power, motivation, positive thinking all basically pukes the same garbage out if you really look at it. I know not many of you agree with me. If you were put on a treadmill that goes nowhere and you were told that your only choice was a speed increase that will be rewarded by food and a speed decrease that will be rewarded with a punch you will have no choice but run.

The problem is not any of the garbage out there, but the fact that all this ….. thing don’t matter. What you should know is that if you stop what you are doing and then step back and look at it 99% of the time you will be lost in finding the actual meaning of what you do. You can prove me wrong, but you will do so only in your own fabricated laws.

But the interesting this that there is a 1% of things that really make you feel “wow!”. More interesting is that this will always remain 1% but realizing and knowing what they are will help you give all you have to this 1%. This is what breeds happiness. This 1% gives you the strength to be happy even in your 99% time.

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