Social Networking is a step in evolution; Kapil cash the cow NOW

Correctness is not what is defined by those in power to cover up their wrong. Freedom is the absolute correctness and when it is extended to all, it is natural that the correctness of the powerful get blurred. In a free world where everyone has a right to a voice; correctness will evolve to include every single human being.

To understand Social Networks and its impact we should first look at evolution. In the millions of years we have evolved as a human species we have developed our ability on many fronts including thinking, language and other fronts. We have also been underdeveloped in some areas such as our inability to recognize certain frequency of sounds, limited vision and our agility and movements have taken a completely different route than many of our ancestors and cousins. We have over this time become one of the most disabled creatures on the earth if it was not for the technology and the support devices that technology gives us today. And this is evolution whether we like it or not. And as far as I understand evolution moves forward for good or bad, you don’t try to reverse it Period!

Social Networking is a step in the evolution of how man thinks, collaborates and lives and it has to be free to evolve. Governments and Authorities are trying to fit into this global stage at the same time trying to safeguard their preexisting conditions. The free thought that can evolve in the Social Networks can prescribe treatments for many of these preexisting conditions so they can cope with what the future needs. So it is important that authorities without being blinded by power be ready to ready accept the different flavors of a medicine called “Change”

Just like we evolve or develop a sense of broad correctness in speech and expression we should develop the same in our interactions within the Social Networks as well. I don’t think any Social Networking company would deny this though they sometimes get lost in with world of business, economics, profits and value for their own existence, which can be addressed if the core essence of freedom is maintained. Privacy, Personal Preferences, independent choices and tools to make a user customize these aspects of their social behavior is just a step towards this. Giving control to the user to freely interact is important so the evolution of correctness can be natural and not orchestrated.

Now for Kapil Sibal’s issue with derogatory social postings. Who decides what is derogatory? The answer is simple; the one who censors decides what is derogatory and that is a concern. Especially when we have it from people who have a vested interest in blocking content censorship will become the norm and more things will be listed as derogatory if a powerful few decides.

Social Network and India cannot be discussed without a mention of the social media poster boy of Indian Politics “Mr. Shashi Tharoor” who tweeted to the helm of politics and then tweeted his way out of the cabinet. That has probably made many politicians shit scared about the power of the powerless. The problem with political parties in India is that they can handle everything except power. They are great chasing the power, pulling down those in power and sitting on the chair and then they miserably fail in handling power for the benefit of the common man. The benefit always goes to supporters, well wishers and relatives and they are overthrown in one sitting.

Life gives opportunities with which you can change the world for the better and in the process be remembered as a builder of the nation. Kapil Sibal is on such an opportunity and I hope he realizes. If he wants he can be the forerunner who will change the outlook of Government by marrying Government and common man through Social media and technology and build a free and powerful India for the future. He can choose the way (as he has done now) to be a blind chauffeur for Sonia mata and company and be written down and flushed through the filthy drainage of history.

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