What is Dirty about The Dirty Picture?

the-dirty-picture-hindi-movie-wallpapersWhat is Dirty about ‘The Dirty Picture”? Well that was the main idea, naming it that way the dirtiness if any gets covered by the name. It is true that many would have watched the movie with the same emotions when they watched a Silk movie in the 80s. At a time when heroines are more revealing than Silk in 80s Vidya has done justice to the changing times. The casting was right with Vidya Balan as she fit perfectly well into the scene thanks to her nonzero size. The movie would have been a casting disaster if it had deepika Padukone or Kareena in the role.

Naseeruddin fits the aging hero and resembled a lot like the South Indian matinee dinosaurs that roamed the theatre screens one time. But for Naseer he is always a casting success for any movie. Tusshar was a family cast so no comments. The dignified, principled hero role for Imran had more of an oxymoronic value all together, but he did that well and gave the audience some lighter moments when he talked about righteousness and value systems.  Bappi Da’s tune fit perfectly to blend the eighties era into the movie.

They should not have used the name Silk and Shakeela for her successor. The second half turning point of both Imran and Vidya making movies to compete and both acting similar triple roles were very childish and immature. An art model director turning an actor and making a so called entertainer that sweeps the box office was too farfetched. And I wonder if the name Abraham was put to remind us of John Abraham, if so that was sick.

If I had to pick one act of Vidya Balan it would be her first feel of fame, her emotions as she sees the empty theatre fill up by the public rushing in to watch her dance.  She has done this with such a class and precision bringing emotions of surprise, pride, happiness, disbelief and the agony of what she has gone through all in a few seconds. Beautiful!! I will also give the dialogue writer three cheers for some of the well thought out dialogues in the movie beautifully rendered by the respective actors.

The Picture is honestly dirty because it does not try to put up a clean look to get five stars.

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  1. Absolutely 10/10 given to this review… Loved Naseer in his 80 pack body with some of his classic moves 😉

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