When The World Calls Out Valentine……..

When the world celebrates Love on just one day and call it valentine’s day
I celebrate every moment of this life I live loving you

And just as usual I write to you –

Everyday I talk to you, my day is made over again and then when I leave you in the middle of a conversation, it is your thoughts in my mind that gives me the strength to move on and face that moment of parting.

It’s always your thought in my mind, your words of love that will give me the strength to achieve for us a piece of this world.

You make me stronger, braver, contented, and happy and all that a man can ever expect to be.

In me the world can see the face of a man that says ‘I have the most beautiful lady as my love in my life’.

It’s true. I often think how my mind could have survived not meeting you.

You were always in my mind even before we met; you are the person I ever wanted.

The poem I started, will complete later

Monsoons were always the same I felt
And the rain always seemed nothing great
The days are short and nights are long
And who enjoys when you are drenched alone

But this year the monsoons will bring the freshness I long
The rains will come with those droplets of hope
The days and nights will be equally long.
For my love is there for my life to take shape

I can feel it in me, that presence of love
That binds my heart to a romantic tone
The music in my heart will bear all my love
And the words in my poems will express the note

More to write, but wanted to share all little stuff that I write.

The longing for you is so much that I miss you every single moment we are not together.

My dear this parting every day is so painful, but the hope of a good tomorrow makes me go on.

Telling you that I love you is always new and exciting.

I love you dear with all my senses, my senses are yours and so am I.

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