Anupam Mishra on Water Harvesting

Self Reliance and self sufficiency are always a topic. It is so amazing to see how technology and innovation in its raw form can make a change to common life.

While we run around with mobiles and laptops thinking that we hold the world in our hands we often forget the wisdom of the past that gave birth to extraordinary innovation even in the commonest and simplest minds

I have always only been a selective preservationist of the past always thinking that what we find and create now is what will take our future forward and many such talks on TED have made me question my own thoughts and I stand corrected at the end

How you can make simplicity a life’s virtue
How you can live without being blinded by technology innovation
How the past can humble the present so our future can be good
How you can see the goodness in the core of any powerful innovation
How you can appreciate things that don%u2019t come with a dollar amount attached to it

Thank You TED and Anupam